Schools normally react to technological change by confiscating it to protect the past: ballpoint pens to save our handwriting, calculators to save our arithmetic, digital watches to save our analogue timekeeping, mobile phones to save our... er, well just because they
are new. - Stephen Heppell, 2000

In this film, Stephen Heppell describes his vision for schools, meeting with kids at the ‘Be Very Afraid’ conference, and exploring ideas for classroom design in a technology pilot school.
  • Empowering Young Learners
  • I am especially pleased with his sound-bites, like … “every turned-off device is a turned-off child

"In 3 years we expect 50% of customers to be using smartphones"
Mansell Nelson
VP Business Product Management
Rogers Wireless
(as presented at Mobile Learning Symposium, University of Manitoba, May 1, 2009)